Publish YouTube Videos without Notifying Your Subscribers

Here’s a feature on YouTube that allows you to upload videos on your channel without notifying your subscribers. This is useful if you want to publish public videos that may not be directly related to your channel without having to spam your audience.  Occasionally, we use this feature to upload our “behind the scenes” clips.   In the past, we were hesitant to upload these types of videos because we wanted to avoid spamming our subscribers with short, silly, and often self-indulgent videos.  Now, with this feature, we can indulge away!  ;)

Here’s how it works:  (1) Upload your video.  (2) While it’s uploading, click on the “Advanced Settings” tab.  (3)  Under “Distribution Options”, uncheck “Notify Subscribers” (see screenshot below).

After you publish your video, no email notifications will be sent to your subscribers.  The video will also not appear in your video feed.

screen shot

If you don’t want your video to show up on your channel feed, you can also go to:

Then click on the option icon for your published video, and select “Unpublish from channel’s feed.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 2.45.04 AM


That’s it!  Silent and spam-free uploading.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck and happy YouTubing!


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