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It’s been a while since our last post.  For some reason, it always takes time for our creative juices to reach any kind of critical mass.  Slowly but surely, we seem to be gravitating toward some kind of zombie movie.  Not just any zombie movie — a post-apocalyptic zombie movie (just what the world needs).  We spent the better part of the month fleshing out a new storyline.  We call it Samurai Dead.

Rather than shoot a traditional short film, we decided to go for a series.  A series of Very Short Episodes (VSEs).  2 minutes or less.  Each VSE will start with quick action and end on a cliff hanger.  Hopefully, this bam-bam format will hook our audience and compel them to watch the next episode.

Hold on a second —  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Before we even start dreaming of our first episode, we need to figure if we can even create a zombie.  No way we gonna make a zombie movie without any stinkn’ zombies!

In searching for a way to “zombify” our actors, we’re hoping to avoid the most obvious path:  Makeup.  It’s too time-consuming and too cumbersome.  Plus, none of us know any good make-up artists.  Instead, we’re hoping that — with some practice — we’ll be able to achieve a post “zombification effect”.  Something like this:

As cool as this clip is, one potential problem we noticed is that the actor remains  still throughout the entire clip (no head turns, facial movements, etc).  This is fine for a short sample clip, but it’s probably not going to cut it for a movie (under real life shooting conditions).  We’ll need to research and test before we find out if post-zombification is truly feasible for a bunch of novices like us.

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