slow motion with twixtor

For weeks, it’s been torturing us.  Despite having the right equipment (a 1080/60i capable camera) and the right plug-in (Twixtor Pro for Adobe AE), all of our slow motion footage turned out looking like this:

Hard as we tried, we couldn’t get rid of the motion warping.  Eventually, we figured out the culprit:  When you shoot 60i, the frames are interlaced (sandwiched together), effectively capturing only 30 frames per second — not nearly enough for good slow motion.  Rather, we had to shoot in 60p.  Progressive scanning, unlike interlaced, captures all lines of each frame sequentially, which gives you true 60 frames per second.

In addition to 60p, we realized we had to shoot at a much higher shutter speed (1/4000) and a much low ISO (200 or below).  With all these changes, we finally got some half-way decent slow motion:

Warping is still a problem, especially when the subject is moving fast, but there’s little we can do short of buying a camera that films at 120p.  I think they start at $15K.  Maybe next year…

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