3D modeling with Sculptris and Blender

Jack, our effects guy, has gone gaga over 3D modeling.  Rather than using the same old special effect packs that everyone else is using, he wants to design his own 3D effects so we can apply muzzle flares, bullet hits, blood splatters, and explosions in a more dynamic way.  He also wants to create 3D objects like buildings, drones, and spaceships so we can blow them up in our movies.

Here’s a sample of what he’s done so far:


Don’t ask me how he did it.  My eyes usually glaze over when Jack talks technical.  But, from what I gather, he used a really cool modeling software called Sculptris to mold a bust from a digital clump of clay (how cool is that?).  From there, he used a powerful (and free) animation tool called Blender to track the bust to the model’s head movements.

It’s all incredibly cool stuff.  Personally, I can’t wait for the day we’re able to apply all this to a real movie.  I think we all feel this way.  That’s why we keep Jack in cage and feed him bananas.  So he’ll work harder, damn it!

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