Storyboarding our Next Shot

We’re a big fan of the movie “300”.  It’s filled with some of the best battle scenes ever.  In one of the early scenes, Leonidas strikes down an army of Persians almost single-handedly.  It’s an amazing shot — not just for all the blood and carnage — but also for the technical wizardry.  There are multiple zoom-ins and zoom-outs, multiple slow-motions and speed-ups — all in a single, seamless, side-scrolling shot.  It’s truly awe-inspiring.

For our next test shot, we’ve decided to experiment with some of these key elements:  zoom work, slow motion, and side-scrolling — just like in the movie 300.  But rather than hand-to-hand combat, we’ve decided to shoot a gun-battle scene.  Here’s what we came up with:

Admittedly, this is a pretty crazy scene to shoot on our first try — especially for beginners like us.  We think we’re ready for it, but are we really ready for it?

We’ll find out soon enough…

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