A Bitter Pill

We had huge plans for this shoot — an epic battle scene filled with guns, bullets, super-cool slow-motion, and amazing choreography!

This is what we got instead:

Thank God it was just a test — otherwise, we’d’ve taken our airsoft guns and shot each other in the face.  There was just too much to handle:  Follow focus.  Manual zoom.  Dolly action.  Panning.  Split-second timing.  We went into this with such high hopes.  To fail in this way, was just plain humiliating.

Fortunately, there were some take-aways:

Take-away #1:  Fuck this shot.  We’re not ready for it.

Take-away #2:  We need better equipment.  It’s cinchy blaming bad footage on your equipment.  However, in this particular case, it’s at least partially true.  We filmed with the Canon t2i, which served us well (especially being able to shoot @ 720/60p), but it’s tough shooting an intricate shot with a barebone DLSR.  Focusing and zooming on such fast-moving action on a small, immobile LCD screen is hard as hell.  We’re either going to need to rig up our DSLR (shoulder mount, follow focus, external monitor, etc) or buy an actual video camera (we’ve been drooling over the Panasonic AF100).

Take-away #3:  Small projects.  Rather than struggling with big-time shots, we decided the best approach is for us to meet every week and focus on one, simple shot and one simple effect (i.e. jumper effect, slow-motion, freeze frame, explosions, etc).  As we improve and expand our body of experience we can build up to more and more complex shots — just like the one we just attempted.

Oh well.  No one said this was going to be easy…

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