All good things come to a beginning…

This is it.  This is what started it all.  A simple video.  Not 2 minutes long.  We watched it and our jaws dropped.

“Holy crap!  How did he do that?  How do we do that?!”

That was the question.  And this blog, for better or worse, is our answer.

We’re four work-class guys.  One security guard.  One warehouse worker.  And two pencil pushers.  We love movies.  In our spare time, we get together and try to figure out different ways to — not just enjoy other peoples’ movies — but make them ourselves.

We’re far from good.  We know that.  In fact, we’re pretty stinkn’ bad.  But hopefully, with some patience and hard work, we’ll make something one day that will inspire someone else to say, “Wow.  How the hell do I do that?”



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We're just four guys, trying to figure out how to make better movies and get them out to the world.

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